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Equestrian Art

Pony & Belle showcases the work of Sydney artist & designer, Belinda Baynes. Belinda is an equestrian artist and designer inspired endlessly by the beauty of the horse world, animal kingdom, world of fashion and breathtaking landscapes.

For the Love of Horses

Having grown up with horses, they feature heavily in her creative works. From acrylic abstracts, landscapes, mystical, loose watercolours, mixed media and oils, they are nearly always apparent in her work and always telling a part of the story. Predominantly shying away from traditional horse or equine art, she loves exploring more bold and contemporary ways of interpreting the beauty and strength of horses through her art. This is what stands out for most, that she expresses a more emotive interpretation of horses in our lives that the traditional beauty of perfect equestrian oil paintings, for example. This influence stems from her love of fashion and fashion illustration which is often depicted in her horse artworks, bringing the two together to create a fantasy-like lux equestrian lifestyle for which horses have always been associated with. Hermes, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fashions on the Field, you name it.

Kenthurst; Far From the Maddening Crowd by Belinda Baynes
Kenthurst; A Still Life b.jpg

The Equestrian Home

Horse art, whether original art or prints make wonderful decorative pieces to adorn the walls of any equestrian enthusiast. However, horse art transcends the boundaries of horse lovers alone. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering wall art, horse photos and paintings are gaining popularity as people cherish the idea of adorning their homes with things they love. Horse wall art from Pony and Belle adds a special touch of nature to your house, office, or serves as a thoughtful gift knowing that it comes from an artist with a true passion and love for horses. With Belinda’s horse prints, paintings, and equestrian art, you can indulge in the beauty of magnificent horses anytime.

New Lemonade Horse Beach watercolour Belinda Baynes


Equestrian Art in History

Appreciating the beauty of horses doesn't require riding them or

Throughout history, horses have been a beloved subject for renowned artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Eugene Delacroix, and Edgar Degas. Theodore Gericault, a French artist, depicted the divine scene of "An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging" in 1812, showcasing an imperial Napoleonic cavalry officer poised for attack. Eugene Delacroix, a contemporary of Gericault, captured a horse frightened by lightning in his painting "Horse Frightened by Lightning" in 1825. While Edgar Degas is best known for his portrayals of ballerinas in flight, he also devoted time to observe horses racing for the entertainment of the Parisian upper class. Abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky showcased his talent by depicting horses in his 1911 piece titled "Reiter (Lyrishes)," which bursts with color inspired by music. Perhaps the most famous horse depiction is Pablo Picasso's abstract representation in "Guernica," depicting a horse in agony, symbolizing the suffering of Spain. However, the earliest known depiction of a horse dates back 17,000 years and can be found in the Lascaux Cave.

Horse Love watercolour with Koala by Belinda Baynes at Pony and Belle
Hamptons Kitchen black horse watercolours at Pony and Belle by Belinda Baynes_edited_edite
Hamptons Kitchen black horse watercolours at Pony and Belle by Belinda Baynes_edited_edite

Black & White Horse Art

Black and white horse art has captured the attention of many photographers, including wildlife enthusiasts. While painters have enthusiastically captured horses in their natural habitats, using n

atural colors and lighting, black and white art offers a fresh perspective on the subject. Belinda has devoted a whole range of watercolour paintings to purely black and white for a simple and elegant addition to any room which have been extremely popular, especially as many can be hung together in groups and it looks cohesive.

Horse Art for Children

Belinda also explores the bright and playful child love for horses, with cute illustrations for children. These colourful watercolours, including ponies and dreaming unicorns, are perfect for decorating girls' and boys' bedrooms and are sure to inspire the imagination of any child.

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