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This beautiful greeting card bundle from Pony and Belle Sydney features a hand-picked selection of 10 Equestrian lifestyle original artworks from Sydney artist and designer, Belinda Baynes. Cards are black inside.


Size of each greeting card is 105 x 148  - 340gsm paper weight. Each card comes with 100% recycled Australian waste paper. Kraft.


Equestrian greeting cards offer a heartfelt connection for horse lovers, capturing the grace and majesty of these beloved animals in artistic detail. Each card becomes a miniature canvas, celebrating the beauty of horses through intricate designs and thoughtful sentiments. For those passionate about equestrian pursuits, receiving such a card is more than a gesture—it's a recognition of their passion and a reminder of the joy these animals bring. Whether adorned with galloping stallions, peaceful barn scenes, or touching equestrian quotes, these cards evoke a deep appreciation for the equestrian lifestyle, making them a truly beautiful and meaningful gift idea.


Not that long ago, we all thought that Greeting Cards might be going the way of the cassette tape and fax machine: a quaint old fashioned thing that you have to explain to the grandkids. Not so.


Greeting Cards are not only making a comeback but have proved they're here to stay.


We've all realised the importance of human connection in recent times. We miss smiles when we can't see them, hugs when we can't have them, and a quick text is nothing compared to a heartfelt handwritten message. Your handwriting carries your energy in a way that nothing else can. It's a touchpoint that helps when you can't gather your loved ones into the warmth of your arms, and it's something you can tuck away for when you miss that special someone.


In this fast-paced, throw-away world, the things that are slow and long-lasting are being treasured more than ever before. And that, of course, includes Greeting Cards.



Equestrian Greeting Card Gift Box

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$40.00Sale Price

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